Sausage Making Workshops

From linking sausages...
From linking sausages…

Come and make your own sausages! It is great fun and you have delicious sausages to take home. A full day course will cover the preparing, filling and linking of a range of sausages. You will also learn how to formulate your own recipes so the only thing to stop you in your sausage making future will be your imagination! the 19.37 metre Bemboka Banger!
…to the 19.37 metre Bemboka Banger!

A highly practical and enjoyable course. We take the best part of the pig for sausages, which we will first bone and then mince to just the right size . We are not using just any old pig –  we always try to source locally from Bemboka or the Bega Valley. This means that the meat is absolutely the best you can get with just the right amount of fat; there are no additives whatsoever and it has, on occasions, come from only a few paddocks away!

...and of course, salamis
…and of course, salamis

From some classic flavourings, you choose the ones you prefer. Then, following the basic 1kg recipe and guided by me, and after several tastings, your sausage meat is ready for the next step. When the length of natural sausage skin is full, you will be shown how to twist it into individual sausages. See how close you can get to making them look like the ones in your local butcher´s window! We can also make beef or venison sausages if you prefer. To book your place on a course, or for more information and prices, simply contact us.

And, if you want to learn how to make salamis, no problem, just ask how you can leave the cottage after a full days salami workshop with three of your very own different salamis…
…and the timeframe for when you can eat them!