Eating and Sleeping at Stroudover

Are You a Gourmand?

Then Come Dine with Us…with your very own bespoke, elaborate, sumptuous, repast!

RTEmagicC_pat1crop_robyn.jpgThere are so many hands-on food activities you can enjoy participating in when you come to Stroudover Cottage, however, perhaps they are not for you.

Why not have the best of both worlds and enjoy sitting down at your very own Chef’s Table, seating up to 6 guests, that will afford diners a glimpse at the action behind Patrick’s fascinating cuisine and eat locally sourced foods cooked in front of you?

Working with seasonal produce you and he can plan your bespoke gourmet experience months in advance if needs be.

Then all you have to do is turn up, settle in, and eat to your hearts content…with only a few metres to walk to your king sized bed and the perfect nights sleep.

To book your own personal dining experience, or for more information, simply contact us.