Cheesemaking Workshops



“5 Cheeses” Workshop Dates Blues @ Stroudover Triple cream brie & Havarti
18th March – Full 25th February – Full 20th May – Full
28th May – Full 25th March – Full 15th April – Full
3rd June – Full 17th June – Places available 24th June – Full

Making cheese by hand is not only fascinating it is also fun with more and more people wanting to learn how to do it.

The 5 Cheese Workshop, fully hands-on, consists of Feta, Halloumi, Quarg, Ricotta and Mascarpone and is ideal for beginners because the cheeses do not need to mature, may be kept in a normal fridge for its lifetime (which, if you love cheese it doesn’t hang around for long!)

The Blues @ Stroudover Workshop, fully hands-on, consists of a soft blue cheese and a Stilton style cheese and, to give you something to eat whilst your blues are maturing over the next couple of months or so…a fresh cheese that doesn’t need ripening, e.g.., creme fraiche or sour cream etc.

The Triple cream brie and Havarti Workshop, as ever fully hands on, consists of working with white mould and practicing the techniques to make a soft and creamy delight plus an introduction into washed curd cheeses with the semi-firm havarti, such a versatile cheese.

As well as the set dates these workshops are available at a date to suit you, plus any other type of cheese you wish to learn how to make, such is the flexibility of Stroudover Cottage, and still costs only $165 per person.

If you want to make other cheeses just ask when a workshop will be offered. We can tailor a workshop especially for you!

Minimum numbers 2, so bring a friend, maximum numbers 6, bring a group and receive a 9% discount!

For more details please contact Patrick on the “Contact us” form.

From the skills you will gain during these workshops you’ll be able to make your own cheese from any milk in your own home.

2e53098d7cNot only will you enjoy eating your own cheeses you will also amaze your friends when you give them great and valued presents for birthdays/anniversaries/etc.

You will also get to take home some of the cheese you make during the workshop. Perhaps enter it in a local show and measure it against other home cheese makers…

You might also become a member of the Bemboka Secret Cheese Society
…but you mustn’t tell anyone!

Blesséd are the Cheesemakers!